How dentist cleans your teeth

When you go to get your teeth clean it is done by either a dentist or a dental hygienist.  What the dentist does is remove all tartar and calcium deposit on your teeth using a number of tools.  Generally, their first tooth will be a ultrasonic instrument that vibrates to knock large pieces of tartar loose.  The instrument will also spray a mist of water to wash away debris and to keep the area at the right temperature.  That is why you tend to get spray with water by your dentist during these procedures.  The dentist works the instrument around your teeth.  If large deposit are found that have hardened over time, the dentist may use finder hand tools like a scaler or a curettes.  These guys are sharp and curved to match the curves of your teeth to help the dentist remove these deposits.  The dentist will carefully scrape these deposits off by using gentle pressure.  Once the tartar and calcium deposits are removed, your teeth will be polish.  Polishing is accomplished by using a handpiece equipment with a soft rubber cup that spins.  A polishing paste is scooped into the cup and spun around on the teeht to make them shiny and smooth.